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Paleo Diet Lifestyle – Ultimate Paleo Recipe book

Paleo Diet Lifestyle – Ultimate Paleo Recipe book

The Paleo diet is also known as the Caveman diet, Stone Age diet and Hunter-Gatherer diet is one of the healthiest ways to eat and it makes room for a shift that will remove the foods that are at odds with your health. For example, legumes, grains and dairies but also encourage the intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Paleo diet is also referred to as the actual ancestral human diet and it was first made popular in the mid-1970 by Walker L.Voegtlin. This diet is typically based on eating wholesome, normal foods from the food group from the dark ages to the beginning of the agricultural revolution about 10,000 years ago. Researchers confirmed that people who lived on the paleo diet were free from chronic illnesses and diseases that are commonly widespread in the west.

The Paleo diet fights obesity, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure and so forth. The Paleo food group includes; fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, organic animals, and nuts.

Sebastian, the author of Paleo Diet Lifestyle in his websites offers the amazing and life changing book called ‘The Paleo Recipe Book’.

The Paleo Recipe Book contains over 350 paleo recipes and promises the following:

  • Helps you to start working on your goals of achieving smooth skin, lean muscles, flat stomach, radiant energy and so on.
  • Teach you how to use your favorite herbs and spices to create amazing flavors for any kind of meal. You also get to learn the nutritional and medicinal virtues of most popular herbs and spices.
  • The paleo recipe book contains over 350 easy paleo recipes that have been divided into 18 food categories for easy use and understanding. These covers all the healthy foods you need to eat and of course the tastiest foods ever.
  • These recipes are 100% paleo checked and approved. The recipes contain no grains, no legumes, no dairy, no sugar, no vegetable oils and no preservatives.
  • This recipe ebook is an instant easy access information that gets you started straightaway with all the enthusiasm to keep you positive in order to make healthy changes in your life.
  • There are several cooking charts and guides to help you cook just about anything including cooking the perfect steak.


This amazing paleo recipe book has been positively reviewed by many who have used the book and have noticed considerable changes in their health and body. The recipes are 100% paleo approved making them authentic. There are no known reason to make this recipe book a failure since they are original recipes and information that works with evidence of improved health.

The book is available instantly and downloadable on your Laptop, Pc, Mac, Tablets, iPads and Androids. There are four free bonus books you automatically will receive when you purchase the paleo recipes book which are; Quick and Simple Paleo Meals, Paleo Meal Plan, Paleo Deserts and Herbs and Spices Book. All of these for an amazing price of $27.

There is also a full 60 days money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase and you will sure get your money back.

The Paleo Recipe Book is sure to help you put back life and spice into your cooking so you can cook the most amazing paleo dishes that you love. This will give you more energy in your body and improve your immune system. This book will show you how to cook delicious meals, cut your cravings and remove toxins in recipes in most cook books.


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  1. I just started a paleo diet. I know what the foods are meat, berries, fruit, eggs etc. But I’m getting bored with the recipes I have and looking for them on youtube is very hit or miss. I would like to get a cookbook or a nice varied list of paleo diet recipes and not just dinner but lunch and breakfast too.

  2. I glazed over a few at work. Are these paleo diet plans high in carbs? and are they healthy?

  3. I was looking for some good paleo diet recipes or paleo diet cookbooks. I can say, I have found it. Awesome article. Thanks

  4. also would you consider this a healthy lifestyle for a lacto vegetarian to adopt?

  5. I’m struggling with variation in my diet.

  6. I’ve recently decided to go primal. My biggest problem is breakfast. I have very limited time in the morning, so I’m looking for a breakfast I can make on Sunday and eat all week. Also, anything Paleo is also Primal, but Primal allows a bit more wiggle room. Any help is appreciated, and I’ll answer yours if you want :)

  7. I recently started the paleo diet and I want to make some cookies. It’s easy enough to replace flour with almond or coconut flour but every recipe I find for “sugarless” cookies says to use Splenda or some other artificial sweetener which I can’t use either. The only sweetener I can use is honey so if anyone has a recipe I can use that’d be great.

  8. I have a Paleo cupcake recipe and it calls for Palm shortening and I can’t find it anywhere since I don’t live in the US. I have coconut oil though, could I use that instead??

  9. I have been on the paleo diet for 1 month now and I’m loving it! But I’m running out of recipe ideas. Looking for a good paleo diet recipe cookbook, something with easy to make recipes. My cooking skills are not that great:-)

  10. I wondered if anyone had recipes that they’ve tried for Paleo breads or muffins using almond, coconut or any other Paleo acceptable flour.

  11. I made the ribs in this recipe
    and it was delicious, but my family is a bunch of whiners, and since the rib meat didn’t have the consistency of cotton candy and they actually had to chew a couple times, they don’t want me to make ribs again. But the flavor was delicious and I want to use the rub & sauce.

    So how would I go about altering the recipe to use on a pork tenderloin roast? Should I still use beef broth? Should I still bring the broth up the sides of the meat? If I do it low & slow, will it overcook and dry out?

    Can the recipe be used on beef or chicken? Beef broth on chicken sounds perverse.

    One family member has food allergies and must eat gluten-free, and the beef bullion cubes I use are gluten free. Have yet to find pork broth/bullion cubes, and have to be concerned about gluten whatever kind I use.

  12. I am trying to do the Paleo diet, but it’s pretty hard. I’ll go for a couple of days strict, then all of my cravings for sugar and starches come rushing back, and I sabotage myself. So my question is, if yoy have been on the diet for 2 months or more, do you still get cravings? How long did it take for your body to change, (weeks/ months?) and how do you feel in comparison to your old diet?

  13. I just started the Paleo diet, and I know nothing about protein powders. What do people recommend?

  14. I’m new to the paleo diet. I’m starting tomorrow. I have painful acne and cellulite, and heard that the paleo diet helps. Can somebody please give me an example of a low calorie paleo recipe or dinner under 200 calories?

  15. paleo breakfast recipes are popular there are lots of website about paleo diet, paleo recipes can i get all the paleo breakfast recipe in a book?

  16. I’m making a paleo shrimp etouffee, and the recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of almond flour to be mixed into sauteed onions, and then add chicken broth. So, it’s supposed to be an all purpose flour substitute used as a thickening agent. I’ve tried to do something like this before with almond flour, and no matter how much I whisked to break the lumps, they did not break, and it did not thicken the sauce. Has this ever happened to anyone? How can this be fixed? (Please don’t say use regular flour because I’m not going to) I’m coming on here so I can avoid yet another almond flour disaster.

  17. I recently moved outta state into a apartment by myself for college. I need some help for quick and easy and HEALTHY dinners and snacks to cook for like 2 people so i can have leftovers. Im one of those health freaks. Any good tips or recipes you love, websites? Please and thank you

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